Wholebody Focusing: What are we pointing to with this word – “Presence”?

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May 13, 2023 3:00 pm


As Wholebody Focusers and students of Focusing, we hear the word “Presence” used in every session. We typically “ground ourselves into Presence” or “move into Presence” as part of each session. For newcomers, these words can perhaps feel a little mystifying.

What are we pointing to with this word – “Presence”?
What does the experience of “Presence” FEEL like?
What are its characteristics?
How do we “find it” or “get there”?
Is it the same experience for everyone?
Is it the same experience for everyone every time?

We’ll explore the concept of Presence in our time together. With some guidance and some hopefully-helpful words as pointers, we’ll feel into this state and experience.

Even if you’re well familiar with the concept and have had many experiences of Presence, perhaps a new aspect of it will show itself to you. Or maybe you’ll encounter it in a whole new way. When we drop into the body and sense and feel from here, new awarenesses emerge.

We welcome you to join us as we explore together.

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