Why CoronaPlaza.Life

The COVID-19 crisis has completely disrupted our lives.  Social distancing is now the norm. No longer can we take shaking hands, walking, playing and working together, or even simple gatherings for granted.  Yet, the need for community interaction and support is still primary in the human spirit.  

So at this time, maybe more than any other, we must find innovative ways to connect. At Focusing Initiatives, we are opening up as the world is shutting down – creating a space, we call CoronaPlaza.Life, for online communities in multiple languages.  

Who is CoronaPlaza.Life

CoronaPlaza.Life is you! This is a virtual courtyard where we come together to support each other–giving of our skills and leaning on each other when we need to. You can lead, learn or lurk,, whichever suits you at the moment. Together we create an environment of kindness and caring. 

What is Focusing Initiatives International

Since 2014, Focusing Initiatives International has been working in many parts of the world to promote community wellness and to support positive social change. Our approach is grounded in the philosophy and experience of Community Wellness Focusing.

We use a wellness/resilience approach, rather than one of therapy or counseling. Our community-based programming reflects the importance of the shared, human experience. We are social beings, and we thrive when our communities are also thriving. Disease, like the current coronavirus outbreak, can stress the bonds that hold us together. But there are ways to take care of ourselves and each other, even in this time of uncertainty and social distancing. 

We are registered as a 501c3 non-profit  organization in the State of New York. Address: PO Box 808, Monsey, NY 10952

Focusing Initiatives International 2020 Annual Report