Dear Corona Virus

August 29, 2020 by Ocen Daniel Osako

Dear Corona Virus
The killer of Joy
You have taken lives
And instilled fear into people
Corona Virus , give us a break now.

Dear Corona Virus
You have changed lives
People have lost jobs
Kids are hungry
Family have lost their loved ones
Don’t you think its about time
You pack your things and left us

Dear Corona Virus
Life was difficult before you arrived here
You have made its more difficult
We lost jobs
The masks makes it hard to breath
Especially in this hot weather
If you had a brain, I would have tried to reason with you
If you had a mouth , I would have invited you for a dialogue
But you don’t, so let me talk to you in a poem
Covid-19, should you insist on staying
Please don’t wipe us all out

Dear Corona Virus
We have decided to live with us
We have accepted that you are here to stay
We will wear our masks, even if we don’t want
We will wash our hands, even in the midst of scarcity of water
We will keep social distance, even when we share one room
We will do our best to stay away from you
But we let me tell you one thing
This too shall pass

©️Ocen Daniel Osako