Saturday Listening Space

A listening space: this is an online drop-in support group.

July 13, 2024 7:00 pm


Duration: 120 minutes

Host/Presenter:  Anna Willman

The Saturday Listening Space is an online drop-in support group.

This space provides a Focusing style of group processing. We listen to each other with compassion and nonjudgmental attention, often with an emphasis on feelings in the current moment.  

Each person who shares decides what kind of support they would like from the group.  You might ask for silence or Focusing style reflections and companioning.  You might want feedback or practical advice, or group problem solving. Or maybe you just want to pass the time in a mutually supportive space. The group will do its best to do whatever you ask of it.

There might be a group intunement.  Usually people check in first and let us know if they want a turn to share.  We have recently expanded the session to two hours to allow a little more flexibility in allotting time, but we may stop after ninety minutes when the extra time is not needed. 

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