Fear can be a Friend

Fear comes in many different forms

February 04, 2023 4:00 pm


Duration: 90 minutes

Host/Presenter:  Anna Willman , Nina Joy Lawrence , Pat Omidian

The pandemic brought record levels of deaths and economic disruption.  Vast storms sweep across our continents, with extreme temperatures and hurricane-level winds.  Decade-long droughts turn farmland into deserts and great forests into tinder. Disappearing glaciers and rising oceans threaten the world’s supply of potable water and habitable land. Population shifts as people flee political disruption and wars and cross borders in search of safety and economic survival.  

Of course we are afraid.

Fear is our internal warning system, an alarm bell telling us we are in danger. It is never a comfortable feeling.   

So, fear is our friend, directing us to take action,  and if we turn our back on it, it takes on other forms.

In this webinar we will explore some of the attributes of our fear responses. And then we will take time to sense what happens when we greet fear as something that wants the best for us.

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