Wholebody Focusing Community Gathering

Laura Dickinson With You

December 09, 2023 4:00 pm


We gather monthly; eager for the company of heartfeltfullness and something the body knows about wholeness. Something the body wants, wants to find again, wants to know deeply, and wants to be. December brings the wholebody knowing newly into focus as we let our awareness begin simply with noticing the most obvious changes in the weather and environment, natural and cultural.

We will take our time; our time individually, and Our time together consciously to be with the range of our responses. Laura invites you to join in the somehow surprisingly joyous warmth of our shared and ever growing container of Being With the familiar issue: that something that does not feel right in you or me.  Laura will offer us the chance to explore with clarity and warm curiosity: to turn towards this something including the not-already-known.

Listening to me, Kevin offered this recognition: “you want to say something about an experience in which you found a way to be able to step back and find yourself again.” It all began with allowing myself to actually keep noticing just exactly how very much something was bothering me even though a part of me, and even others, kept saying that it shouldn’t or that I should just .…. (fill in the blank).

Your way forward will always be particular and valuable directly in and to you. I’ve offered a story of a moment that is shifting much in me. And here is this reminder; you don’t have to already know what will or should happen, nothing particular Has to Happen. 

In this time together, we begin simply and proceed with invitations, making room for the power of Not Knowing. Not Knowing in advance, not having an idea of what should happen, not prioritizing “how to get there” before allowing the flow of life to resource the arrival of what Is wanted.

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