Wholebody Focusing Community Gathering: My body is a pathway beyond my human mind

September 09, 2023 3:00 pm


Wholebody Focusing has taught me a loving curiosity. It has taught me to offer an internal posture of gentle acceptance and inquiry to whatever was happening within me. Over time and experience, it’s brought me a confidence that my body always has, not only the answer to the more obvious query, but I’ll also receive that answer in a warmth of compassion as well. The process of inquiry always takes me to a wiser and more compassionate place than my usual humanness might offer.

Wholebody Focusing has shown me that my body is a pathway beyond my human mind.

In this last year, I have been specifically using Wholebody Focusing with certain old blocks to trust and relaxation. It’s been a rich and rewarding journey. Two months ago, instead of asking the body about what was present that day, I jumped to the endpoint. I laughingly asked my body “What does ease look like?” And my body responded with this lovely ebb and flow into a softness throughout my body. I giggled in Awe and sat there. With my body attuned and present, and all the work I had previously done, I got to feel it all and I did.

The body is wiser than we know. We are wiser than we know. Wholebody Focusing teaches us to live with a loving curiosity and follow the joy. I am grateful. Let us play there today.

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