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August 12, 2023 3:00 pm


I’d like to start with our hands today.  Once, when speaking with my friend Mary McGuire about the life in my hands, she said “Oh, I know something about that…when I was a little girl, I was in church one day, and I was looking at my finger, and playing with it…and it started to move, independently  of me.”  And then she said:  “Oh! Now I know there’s a God!”

And that said it all to me, because that’s my experience.  My hands move—or when I notice my hands–and I just stay with it with an open heart—it starts to move…my toes start to move…and things are happening inside of me that are independent of me.

And as I stay with that, I can feel a connecting with me…connecting to it…so there’s a relationship—it’s occurring—between me and it!

The hands can’t know themselves, but when I bring my human consciousness to it, it becomes awakened to its own possibilities—and that’s focusing!

It awakens and it starts to explore what it can do here now and automatically, it connects to other parts of me because it’s not alone.  It’s exploring itself in relationship to the rest of me. 

 And if I just enjoy the felt-sense of it, without interfering with it in any way.  It just needs to be noticed.  It unlocks its own evolutionary potential to go from being noticed to its own possibilities for more.

And that’s just the same with us; we just need to be noticed.

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