Wholebody Focusing Community Gathering – with Kevin McEvenue

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August 13, 2022 3:00 pm


I will bring a sense of myself to this gathering August 13.

I will invite a sense of tuning into each of you to sense life inside yourself to awaken what wants to be felt inside and then see what happens more. I will suggest: noticing that sense of life inside of you including the life and consciousness of people around you in this gathering moment. We will pause to give this some space to form…… and then I will invite you to share what has come for you right now.

I will then reflect back what you have just shared and demonstrate how I enjoy doing this because of who I am….I am rather slow minded…. My brain needs to take more time to digest and process.…This slowness has an inside to it.

When I take the time…my head processes in a way that fits me…. It gives me time for something in me to reorganize what has been said so that I can say back ‘the whole of it’, perhaps, in a more coherently sensed structure that seems to have more depth to what is being experienced beyond what has been voiced.

It is an opportunity to make use of my natural way of thinking to advance…….


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