The Mystic Heart of Focusing

A Study Group Exploring the Resources of Embodied Spirituality

April 07, 2023 4:30 pm


Hello fellow spiritual travelers! Many mystic traditions believe we benefit greatly from accompaniment for our unfolding spiritual development. Gene Gendlin emphasized that we are interaction first; meaning that we are always interdependent. If you believe our environment includes a spiritual dimension, then this means we are inter-spiritual beings – we are always already in relationship with the spiritualwithin and around us. 

Youre invited to join me and other soul friends in deepening the resources that come from exploring embodied spirituality (however you define spirituality). In this study group we will explore all about embodied spiritualitytogether, through experiential exercises, shared discussions, and resource practices. We will collaborate based on the interests of those who join us. 

We meet online the 1st Friday of the month. There is no cost for the group, but you can donate to Focusing Initiatives International for their work hosting this web platform. You do not need to know Focusing, yet it will help if you have some experience with a mindful awareness practice like meditation, yoga, or centering prayer.

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