Free Webinar

Steps To A Focusing Journal

Supporting Your Solo Process

May 27, 2023 3:00 pm


This workshop introduces a way to support your interior process by working with a flexible visual template for self-guided focusing. This practice is different from “regular” journaling — where composing sentences can sometimes feel fraught or keep you from touching the deeper core that wants movement or relief. I will provide a template that allows you to adjust and re-invent as needed. We will begin by clearing a space on the page in a benevolent container to hold your process. We will pause to witness what we are holding, select affirming words, and hone the potential to take the process deeper. There will be space for reflection and sharing how this practice works for you.

Please bring blank paper, writing implements, and colors that you like to work with.

Each session will emphasize a unique topic:

  • Clearing a space and supporting my process
  • Exploring an issue more deeply
  • Inviting particular qualities to my life & process
  • Acknowledging my gifts & strengths
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