Expressive Arts Focusing EAF

Learn to trust your inner artist and your body’s inner guidance!

November 05, 2022 3:00 pm


Expressive Arts Focusing EAF: A Debut Presentation

Learn to trust your inner artist and your body’s inner guidance!

List of art supplies

  • 2 A4 sheet of paper (any quality, can be printer paper) to be glued or use your art journal
  • glue stick
  • tape
  • scissors
  • old credit card
  • 2 extra sheet of paper (A4) and some collage material
  • coloured pens or sharpy markers
  • 1 black bullet shaped marker (e.g. from posca’s) or graphite pencil
  • jar with water, paint brushes, tissue
  • 3-10 of your favourite water colours or water paintable crayons (no oil pastels please)
  • if it’s available for you: white gesso/white acrylic paint – it’s also fine without!

We will start with a breathing and body release exercise, then invite you to use a (low skill, judgement-free) art journaling technique to smash your feelings artistically onto paper to build a ground where you can unleash your inner artist, encounter your embodied self, and process difficult feelings.  

Your process will connect you with other group participants as you access the healing power of Smash Arts Focusing Expressions (SAFE). 

SAFE was developed by Freda Blob, combining elements of Focusing with a variety of healing arts practices, including Cosmic Smash Booking® (an easy to learn form of healing art journaling created by Kate Galler). 

Come and join us for your own personal well-being and for the benefit of your clients. No previous art experience is required. Focusing experience is helpful. You will find a list of recommended art materials in your inbox a week prior to the start of the webinar.

The SAFE activity guide (a 10-page PDF and 5 audios) enables you to pass SAFE on and can be ordered through the chat function during the zoom session.

Webinar presenter Freda Blob is the creator of Expressive Arts Focusing (EAF), and Smash Arts Focusing Expressions (SAFE). EAF is a trauma-sensitive practice that offers an expressive arts based approach in the tradition of the European intermodal “Focusing Plus”

Freda Blob (M.Psych., M.Ed., AT, FOT-FOAT®, PCT) has been teaching Expressive Arts Focusing both nationally and internationally online since 2019, and is presenting Smash Arts Focusing Expressions with this debut webinar.



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