A “How Do We Do It” Workshop: Community Wellness and Psychosocial Support

Exploring what works for communities and for groups

June 08, 2021 2:00 pm


Welcome to a Community Wellness and Psychosocial Support Workshop

In this monthly program we will explore many aspects of community wellness work from a Focusing platform. This is an open group and everyone is welcome. Goals

  • to turn wellness techniques into teachable life skills
  • to learn real skills from real experiences
  • problem solve through group processes

Each week we will:

  • Share experiences in program design, implementation and adaptation
  • Model how deep levels of listening change people
  • Consider an activity that might be useful in a group

Each time we will share experiences of a particular community wellness topic or issue (chosen by us or anyone in the group). We have some possible ideas:

  • dealing with disruptive people
  • using our felt-sensing to read a room
  • working in groups with high talkers and low talkers
  • the dangers of certainty
  • group process/ group dynamics
  • handling relationships between bureaucracies
  • personal and professional ethics
  • and more…
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