Sandy Jahmi Burg

Sandy Jahmi Burg picture

Focusing has been accessible to me as a way of being as long as I can remember. I can recall hours outside under the stars, tears rolling down my cheeks, holding space for all the parts within me to find peace around big changes I’ve been called to make. I also carried the understanding that this aspect of life, my inner world, was mine to walk alone. All of my personal growth and spiritual studies confirmed this. And yet, something in me was sad and longed for someone to take my hand and say‚ “I’ll go too”. Possibly, that longing is part of how I found my way to Focusing. We are not alone here. We are in it together. With this understanding, I approach what we do here as personal empowerment and community building, together, as one.

As a Focusing Coordinator, I enjoy working with individuals and teaching groups. I offer Parts 1-4 basic skills training followed by a Learning Community for Mastery in Guiding Change. Members of this community will be joining me here in these workshops. 

I am the author of a series of family books on using Focusing in daily life. The stories illustrate both what is going on outside of us as well as inside of us via three Inner Companions based on neuroscience concepts. Each Smartview Stories book includes 3 short stories about the lives of a fictional intentional Focusing community as well as a 4th story about how the Inner Companions will be supporting their people with ‘this’ life challenge. 

Creating Space for Community workshops will use these books as content to explore concepts around inner/outer community building, belonging and thriving. I hope you join us!