May 10, 2020 by

And that may be a good thing

Life has paused, the world has stood still, it has frozen with fear, we have frozen with fear, with the presence of the Coronavirus. 

Its power so profound. It has such power to take life. And how it has taken so many lives across our globe, leaving so many feeling lost and bereft—loved ones lost, children losing their Mammies and Daddies.

Leaving others in the depth of illness fighting for their life. The rest of us were told to retreat into our world of social cocooning and social restrictions, having to step away from loved ones, others left hungry in their communities and in desperate need.

It seems so overwhelming. How can it not be overwhelming for us? It has turned upside down the whole fabric of what we considered to be the predictable normal in our lives. It is like everything has being reset to zero and new beginnings will unfold, as we can never return to the norms of the past.

We have to find a new direction for humanity.  It bestows us all to take this once in a 100 years chance to voice what we long to be a the new directions for ourselves, our loved ones and communities.

I am told I can no longer shake your hands, step into your space or offer you a warm embrace. It is so alien to my longing to connect with you. I am told to stay away from my loved ones who are not living directly with me. Yet, my heart longs for their presence in my life.

My presence has to find a new to connect with you. It’s all so different to my knowing up to now, of how to be with you in these moments.

Now they tell me it is time to go through my doorway out in my wider world, knowing that I am accompany the invisible presence of the virus in my world.

It scares me! Frightens me! Yet, it is there to be lived with; it is my new reality and shared human global reality.

In an ironic way the coronavirus  brings hope, a longing and realization that I want life to be different as I and we emerge individually and collectively across the globe.

How can my Presence and the world’s Presence be renewed freshly? How do I voice this in my world and wider world? I am uncertain, for now, how this can be best achieved, but it is emerging in me freshly.

How can the gift of presence help me and you to hold our journey with the reality that the coronavirus will continue to hold an invisible risk for us all? It is not going away; it is here to stay. It will pass for sure in time, yet that time frame of passing is unknown.

How can presence help me and hold all the strands and parts it brings for me, and us globally in our worlds during this time of waiting for it to pass?

I have discovered in a new and meaning full way that we can all reach out to each other with the presence of the It offers a virtual holding space for us all to be present, individually and collectively, in a way that communities across our world can connect globally and nurture our souls.

The nurturing of our souls is truly inspiring on this platform because it connects with the depth of human needs and fears that is unique to each communities lived experiences at this time, in so many countries with the pandemic.

I have gratitude for the birth this platform as it has touched my inner sense of the belief that the core of  our human spirit is goodness and desire be present to each other.