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    The Best Two Hugs

    October 6, 2020
    by Anna Willman

    I’m old and single and live alone in an apartment not far from my son’s place of work.  He stops by after work and sometimes during his lunch hour.  He brings groceries and pharmaceuticals and toilet paper and my mail.  Then we sit about twelve feet apart and wear masks […]

      Lessons from the virus #3

      August 21, 2020
      by Anna Willman

      Paradoxes abound: Three lives in conditions of isolation uncover paradoxes.  Three women – none of us young – living in different spaces: a small town apartment.  a city condo, a country home. We all feel the importance of our physical space to our internal well-being.  Lives interrupted in mid-stride.  Slowing […]

      What Might We Learn From a Teacher in Pakistan?

      August 9, 2020
      by Anna Willman

      LESSONS FROM THE VIRUS #2 How can one teacher in Pakistan conduct language and philosophy lessons for 70 students, all at different levels of learning?  And, what might we learn from that? We were talking about education, coming out of the pandemic. I ventured to suggest that one good result […]

      What do a landfill in Pakistan and a potato packing plant in Idaho have in common?

      August 6, 2020
      by Anna Willman , Syed Wajid

      Lessons from the Virus #1 Cross-cultural conversations on a global platform highlight not only different perspectives, but also common themes. One theme that has come up in our Building Toward a Better World conversations has been an awareness that bigger is not always better. Large bureaucracies, whether private corporations or […]


        June 28, 2020
        by Anna Willman

        A few weeks ago a group of CoronaPlaza volunteers and staff got a bit sidetracked from tasks at hand into a vigorous discussion about the “new norm” expected to emerge from the Covid-19 pandemic: What it was likely to look like, what we wanted it to look like, what we […]