June 28, 2020 by Anna Willman

A few weeks ago a group of CoronaPlaza volunteers and staff got a bit sidetracked from tasks at hand into a vigorous discussion about the “new norm” expected to emerge from the Covid-19 pandemic: What it was likely to look like, what we wanted it to look like, what we were afraid might emerge. 

This question has been arising regularly in our webinars, in the daily news, in our own lives.  It keeps coming up because we all sense that this is a time of profound change on a global scale. The world is never going to be the same again.  We feel that in our souls.  

Our story’s plot has taken a sudden turn, and the thing is, we have no idea how it is going to work out.

Derek McDonnell and I have put together a team of facilitators to launch an ongoing series of weekly conversations about “Building Toward a Better World”.   We want to have a say in how our stories work out.  We’re not alone in this; many groups around the world are looking at the same questions.  

We think that the more people there are looking, from different cultures, different perspectives, different life experiences, the richer the results will be.  CoronaPlaza’s venue seems ideal for this kind of conversation.

Large scale cultural change is a cumulative process, little steps, small ideas, small shifts in perspective grow bigger and bolder until they reach a kind of “tipping point” that leads to a sudden shift in individual choices, social expectations, community values, political tides, and economic structures. Think of the major tipping points we have experienced during the past few decades around such matters as gay marriage, the “me too” movement, and now “black lives matter”.

I hope you will join us as we explore our part in this global shift of perspective on so many fronts – finding openings for social, political, economic, and ecological justice. And at all levels, promoting healing changes within our own personal lives, in our communities, in our nations, and in the world.